Zoning Board of Appeal 3/7/18

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Case #18-003, Ray and Dianne Rogers, Petitioner, Requesting: Two (2) variances; 1) A variance from Section 5.06(A)(4) for placement of a new accessory structure in front of the principal structure and, 2) A 38.2 foot front yard setback variance from Section 5.06(A)(4), Table 5.06-2, 8580 Thendara Blvd., Parcel #08-12-357-011, R-1A Single Family Residential.

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Case #18-004, Lynn Gertsch, Petitioner, Requesting: A 328 square foot variance from Section 5.06(A)(3), Table 5.06-1 in order to permit a constructed lean-to on the home, 4832 Sundale Dr., Parcel #08-34-303- 044, R-1A Single Family Residential.

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