Township Board Of Trustees 3/6/17

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Roll Call 00:00:47

Approval of Agenda 00:01:00

Board & Public Announcements 00:01:12

Presentations & Reports 00:03:03

Supervisor’s Update

Presentations & Reports 00:04:25

Fourth Quarter Investment Report

Presentations & Reports 00:06:00

Parks, Recreation and Seniors 2017 Annual Report

Consent Agenda 00:30:39

Item 3 removed and put under ITEMS REMOVED FROM THE CONSENT AGENDA.

Items Removed from Consent Agenda 00:32:45

Request to Accept Quote - Printing & Mailing Services for Recreation Guide

Regular Business 00:36:20

Request to Approve Out of State Travel – Independence Television Station Manager

Regular Business 00:39:43

Request to Approve Agreement – IT Services Oakland County

Regular Business 00:44:51

Request to Accept Proposal – 2018 4th of July Fireworks Display

Regular Business 00:46:50

Request to Accept Quotes – 2018 Baseball & Softball Uniforms

Regular Business 00:50:20

Request to Approve 2018 Clarkston Community Education Agreement – Clarkston Community School District

Regular Business 00:52:00

Request to Approve Amendment to the Municipal Credit and Community Credit Contract

Regular Business 00:53:29

Request to Approve Budget Amendment #7 – Emergency Purchase for Lakeview Room at Bay Court Park

Regular Business 00:55:30

Request to Approve Budget Amendment #9 – 2017 CIP Bay Court Park/Lakeview Room Renovation

Regular Business 00:56:24

Request to Accept Quote and Approve Budget Amendment #8 – Clintonwood Park Capital Improvement Project

Regular Business 01:00:30

Request to Accept Proposal – Development of Quality Based Request for Proposal for SCADA System Upgrade

Regular Business 01:07:25

Request to Approve Sewer Preventative Maintenance Services and Budget Amendment #6 – Oakland County Cooperative Purchasing Program-Pipeline Management Co., Inc.

Regular Business 01:22:00

Request to Accept Quote for Sewer Department Lease Vehicle and Authorize Disposal of Asset.

Regular Business 01:25:43

Request to Accept Quote – Purchase of Safety Path Mower and Authorize Disposal of Asset

Regular Business 01:28:22

Request to Approve 2018 Budget Amendment #5 – Information Technology Oversight Committee

Regular Business 01:32:20

Request to Purchase Gravel from Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) – Repair of Township Dirt Roads

Regular Business 01:34:25

Request to Appoint Member to Boards and Committees – Sashabaw Corridor Improvement Authority

Communications 01:36:10

Board Member Comments 01:37:00

Adjournment 01:47:00

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