Township Board Of Trustees 2/20/18

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Roll Call 00:00:28

Approval of Agenda 00:00:42

Board and Public Announcements 00:00:53

Public Hearing 00:04:05

2018-2022 Parks, Recreation and Seniors Master Plan

Presentations and Reports 00:08:36

Supervisor’s Update

Consent Agenda 00:12:57

Regular Business 00:16:25

Request to Adopt Resolution – 2018-2022 Parks, Recreation and Seniors Master Plan

Regular Business 00:18:13

Request to Adopt Senior Community Center Advisory Committee By-Laws Amendments

Regular Business 00:19:58

Request to Accept Letter of Engagement and Approve Professional Services Agreement – 2017 Financial Audit

Regular Business 00:22:32

Request to Adopt the Operating Budget Policy

Regular Business 00:31:49

Request to Appoint Retirement Plan Advisor & Sponsor and Approve New Business Application

Regular Business 00:35:33

Request to Appoint Member to Boards and Committees - Board of Review Alternate Member

Board Member Comments 00:38:10

Communications 00:38:49

Adjournment 00:39:05

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