Township Board Of Trustees 2/6/18

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Roll Call 00:00:32

Approval of Agenda 00:00:46

Moved M10 to M2 and added M12 to agenda

Board and Public Announcements 00:01:31

Presentations & Reports 00:05:53

Supervisor’s Update

Presentations & Reports 00:06:56

Insurance Services Office (ISO) Reevaluation and Report of Change in Public Protection Class (PPC) Rating – Fire Department

Consent Agenda 00:19:20

Regular Business 00:20:02

Request to Approve Budget Amendment #2 -- Easement Costs for North Sashabaw Road Project

Regular Business 00:22:21

Request to Award Bids – Capital Improvement Bond Administrative Services and Approve 2018 Budget Amendment

Regular Business 00:38:04

Request to Approve 2017 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Public Service Contract with Springfield Township

Regular Business 00:41:54

Request to Approve 2016 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Public Service Contract with City of Clarkston

Regular Business 00:44:25

Request to Accept Proposal for OPEB Actuarial Services

Regular Business 00:46:44

Request to Approve 2018 Budget Amendment #1

Regular Business 00:54:58

Request to Amend Previously Adopted Motion #2017-08-171 Out-of-State Travel – Fire Marshal

Regular Business 00:57:11

Request to Approve the 2018-2021 Fire Dispatch Service Agreement and Approve 2018 Budget Amendment #3 – Fire Department

Regular Business 00:59:25

Request to Extend Current Independence Township Support Plan to Oakland County Emergency Operations Plan – Fire Department

Regular Business 01:02:16

Request to Approve Fleet Management System Agreement – Verizon Networkfleet

Regular Business 01:07:38

Appoint Committee members

Communications 01:09:49

Board Member Comments 01:09:58

Adjournment 01:11:06

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