Planning Commission 1/11/18

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PC File #2013-006, Petitioner: Clarkston Hotel Group LLC, 217 E. Tremont Ave., Charlotte, NC 28203, Parcel #08-22-401-004, Northeast Corner of Sashabaw Road & I-75, OS-2 Office Service Two (Sashabaw Town Center Overlay District), Requesting: Special Land Use & Final Site Plan approval for a hotel and sit-down restaurant. (PREVIOUSLY APPROVED ON AUGUST 14, 2014).

Public Hearing 00:11:35

PC File #2018-001, Petitioner: JLG Properties, Inc., 6074 Campfire Circle, Clarkston, MI 48346, 7125 & 7171 Clintonville Rd., Parcels #08-23-200-014, -015, R-1R Rural Residential, Requesting: Rezoning of the property from R-1R Rural Residential to R-1B Suburban Residential.

Public Hearing 00:19:38

PC File #2018-002, Petioner: Independence Township Department of Public Works, 6050 Flemings Lake Rd., Clarkston, MI 48346, Parcel #08-21-276-003, R-1A Single Family Residential, Requesting: Special Land Use & Amended Final Site Plan approval in order to construct a building expansion.

Public Hearing 00:28:22

PC File #2017-010, Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment - Section 9.04(B) regarding Special Land Use procedures in the Sashabaw Town Center Overlay District.

Public Hearing 00:31:49

PC File #2018-003, Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment - Section 13.05(F) regarding Nonconforming Lots of Record.

Regular Business 00:43:27

PC File #2014-009, Petitioner: Clarkston Dix Properties LLC, 40700 Woodward Ave, Suite 250, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, Parcel #08-29-328-008, -009, 6756 Dixie Highway, MS Motor Vehicle Service Station (Dixie Highway Overlay District), Requesting: Amended Final Site Plan Approval for a modification to the approved wall signage. (PREVIOUSLY APPROVED ON MAY 12, 2016).

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