Zoning Board of Appeal 1/3/18

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Case #17-026, Paul Mychalowych, Petitioner, Requesting: Two (2) total variances: 1) A 6.3 foot front yard setback variance and 2) A 5 foot side yard variance, both from Section 4.06(D), Table 4.06 and Section 13.05(B), in order to construct a home addition on an existing non-conforming lot of record, 8511 Lakeview Blvd., Parcel #08-12-377-011, R-1A Single Family Residential. (POSTPONED DECEMBER 6, 2017)

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Case #13-019, Clarkston Hotel Group, LLC, Petitioner, Requesting: Two (2) total variances: 1) From Section 4.16(D), Table 4.16 to construct three (3) stories and, 2) From Section 5.05(A)(2), a 2.5 foot height variance for the parapet walls, both variances for the purposes of constructing a hotel, Northeast corner of Sashabaw Road & I-75, Parcel #08-22-401-004, OS-2 Office Service Two (Sashabaw Road Town Center Overlay District). (VARIANCE EXPIRED SEPTEMBER 3, 2015)

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