Zoning Board of Appeals 11/1/17

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Approval of Agenda 00:00:45

Removed: F1 & G1 from agenda

Public Comment 00:01:32

Regular Business 00:01:40

Case #17-027, James Vernier, Petitioner, Requesting: Two (2) total variances; 1) A 25.01 foot front yard setback variance from Section 4.06(D), Table 4.06, and 2) A 380 square foot variance from Section 5.06(A)(2)(b), for the purposes of constructing an attached garage, 9428 Sashabaw Rd., Parcel #08-10- 202-002, R-1A Single Family Residential.

Regular Business 00:36:04

Case #17-028, Metro Detroit Signs, Petitioner, Requesting: A 13.82 square foot sign area variance from Section 12.04(B), Table 12.04 B-1 in order to install two (2) new wall signs on the Wendy’s, 7149 Dixie Hwy., Parcel #08-29-351-020, C-3 Highway Commercial.

Regular Business 00:43:14

Case #17-029, Tamara Dunlap, Petitioner, Requesting: A 28.5 foot front yard setback variance from Section 4.06(D), Table 4.06 in order to construct a home addition on an existing non-conforming lot of record, 4892 Lakeview Blvd., Parcel #08-13-106-027, -028, R-1A Single Family Residential.

Approval of Minutes 00:54:27

Discussion 00:54:53

Adjournment 01:02:47

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