Township Board Of Trustees 10/17/17

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Role Call 00:00:52

Approval of Agenda 00:01:04

Budget Session 00:01:16

2018 Budget Updates for General, Fire, PRS, ITV, Safety Path, Sewer and Water Funds

Board and Public Announcements 00:06:42

Consent Agenda 00:07:54

Regular Business 00:08:50

Request to Adopt Resolution Prorating the “Surplus Special Assessment” for the Avington Park Road Paving Project

Regular Business 00:12:22

Request to Approve 2017 Budget Amendment #39 - Recognize Donations, Insurance Reimbursements and Additional Senior Division Travel

Recess 00:15:30

Regular Business 00:16:05

Request to Accept Proposal and Approve Letter of Agreement for Architectural Services - 2017 Capital Improvement Project – Clintonwood Park Day Camp Building

Regular Business 00:18:59

Request to Accept Proposal - 2017 CIP Clintonwood Park Baseball Fields 4-7 Renovation Project - Labor

Regular Business 00:22:20

Request to Amend Motion #2017-07-139 - Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Grant Agreement - Voting System Hardware, Firmware and Software

Regular Business 00:24:48

Request to Waive Procurement, Petty Cash and Credit Card Policy and Ratify Purchase Exceeding $25,000.00

Communications 00:27:28

Board Member Comments 00:27:54

Adjournment 00:28:49

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