Township Board Of Trustees 10/3/17

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Roll Call 00:00:35

Approval Of Agenda 00:00:53

Board & Public Announcements 00:01:08

Public Comment 00:10:29

Bailey House

Recess 01:04:58

Consent Agenda 01:05:26

Regular Business 01:06:00

Request to Approve Out-of-State Travel – USA Softball National Council Meeting

Regular Business 01:08:22

Request to Accept Quotes and Solicit Labor Bids – 2017 Clintonwood Park Field Renovations Capital Improvement Project

Regular Business 01:13:23

Request to Approve 2017 Budget Amendment #38 – Sewer System Repairs

Regular Business 01:19:58

Request to Accept Proposal – Columbarium Design and Construction – Lakeview Cemetery

Regular Business 01:25:12

Request to Approve Full Time / Non-Exempt GIS Technician Position – DPW

Regular Business 01:36:19

Request to Adopt Performance Resolution for Governmental Agencies – 2018 Annual Permit for Work on State Trunkline Right-of-Way

Communications & Future Agenda Items 01:37:55

Adjournment 01:40:04

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