Township Board Of Trustees 9/19/17

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Roll Call 00:00:33

Approval of Agenda 00:00:43

Amended, added M8 to regular business

Budget Session 00:01:19

eview CIP Plan and Budgets for Sewer and Water Funds [Motion #2016-12-212]

Board and Public Announcements 00:43:30

Presentations & Reports 00:44:20

Clintonwood Park Spray Park Renovation

Presentations & Reports 01:06:39

Supervisor’s Report

Consent Agenda 01:10:30

Regular Buisiness 01:11:09

Request to Authorize New Special Event and Approve Application – Disaster Relief at Work (DRAW) “The Bucket Run”

Regular Business 01:15:15

Request to Approve 2017 Tax Rate Request (L-4029) and Adopt 2017 Millage Rates for 2018 Budget Year

Regular Business 01:17:36

Request to Approve 2017-2018 Clinton-Oakland Sewage Disposal System Rates

Regular Business 01:20:12

Request to Accept Quote and Approve 2017 Budget Amendment #37 – Purchase-Microsoft Online Licensing

Regular Business 01:23:33

Request to Ratify Out-of-State Travel - Fire Department Deployment / Hurricane Irma

Regular Business 01:30:34

equest to Approve Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) – Oakland County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) / Cellular Phones and iPads

Regular Business 01:32:05

M7 Removed from agenda

Regular Business 01:32:37

Out of State travel/ DPW

Communications 01:38:30

Adjournment 01:39:10

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