Township Board Of Trustees 9/5/17

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Roll Call 00:00:37

Approval of Agenda 00:00:51

Board and Public Announcements 00:01:15

Presentations & Reports 00:04:04

Proposed Amendment to Hunting Map & Chapter 34, Article IV, “Hunting”

Recess 01:52:30

Presentations & Reports 01:53:28

Township Investment Report – Second Quarter

Carryover/ Postponed Agenda Items 01:57:03

POSTPONED from August 22, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting; Motion 2017-08-164) Review 2018 Budgets for Independence TV, Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA), CDBG, Safety Path CIP, Safety Path, Police, Fire CIP and Fire [Motion #2016-12-212] (Rick Yaeger, Budget and Operations Analyst

Approval of Consent Agenda 02:31:10

Minutes: Request to Approve the Board of Trustees Regular /Budget Meeting Minutes of August 22, 2017 (Barbara A. Pallotta, Clerk) Request to Approve the Payroll of August 25, 2017 and Check Run of August 29, 2017 for a Total Amount of $1,523,175.28 (Barbara A. Pallotta, Clerk)

Regular Business 02:31:46

Request to Approve Amendment #1 to the Tax Sharing Agreement between the County of Oakland, the Charter Township of Independence, and the Sashabaw Road Corridor Improvement Authority

Regular Business 02:33:59

Request to Award Bid and Approve Budget Amendment #36 - Demolition Proposal: 8848 Lakeview Blvd. and 6290 S. Main St.

Regular Business 02:34:43

Request to Adopt Resolution - Brady Lodge Recognition Plaque; Daughters of the American Revolution

Regular Business 02:36:13

Request to Approve Contract and Budget Amendment #35 - Safety Path Outdoor Exhibits

Regular Business 02:41:40

Request to Approve Agreement - Ambulance Billing Services

Communications & future Agenda Items 02:43:40

Adjournment 02:45:31

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