Township Board Of Trustees 7/11/17

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Role Call 00:00:27

Appoint Acting Chair 00:00:48

Approval of Agenda 00:01:10

Closed session postponed to next meeting

Board and Public announcements 00:02:28

Presentations & Reports 00:03:54

Summary Annual Report for Pension and OPEB

Presentations & Reports 00:11:15

5-Year Master Plan Open House

Consent Agenda 00:14:00

Regular Business 00:14:59

Request to Approve Agreement and Budget Amendment #27 - 2017-2018 Clarkston Area Youth Assistance (CAYA) Sponsorship Funding

Regular Business 00:28:17

Request to Approve Budget Amendment #26 - Transfer of Fund Balance from Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) Fund to the General Fund

Regular Business 00:30:30

Request to Award Bid and Approve Budget Amendment #28 - Fire Station 2 Driveway/Curb Repair Project

Regular Business 00:33:55

Request to Amend Previously Adopted Motion #2016-12-212 - Budget Review and Approval Process Schedule

Regular Business 00:36:10

Regular Business 00:38:21

Request to Approve Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - Clarkston Cultural Arts Counci

Regular Business 00:41:49

Request to Adopt Resolution - Purchase of New Election Voting System

Regular Business 00:44:45

Request to Ratify Schedule B-Software License Agreement - New Election Voting System

Communications & Future Items 00:46:49

Adjournment 00:47:40

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