Township Board Of Trustees 6/20/17

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Role Call 00:00:30

Appoint Acting Clerk 00:00:55

Approval of Agenda 00:01:14

Board & Public Announcements 00:01:40

Presentations & Reports 00:06:26

Kiwanis Club – Clarkston (Greg Smith, Executive Director for Michigan District of Kiwanis

Presentations & Reports 00:17:13

Supervisor’s Report

Consent Agenda 00:29:10

Regular Business 00:30:00

Request to Authorize Submittal and Notifications of the Proposed Amendments to the CIA Development and TIF Plans

Regular Business 00:39:35

Request to Adopt Resolution for Submittal of Application - Economic Development Fund-Category A Funds

Regular Business 00:47:05

Request to Approve 1st Reading – Regency at Independence / Planned Unit Development Amendment

Regular Business 01:01:03

Request to Approve 2017 Budget Amendment #25 - ArcGIS Server Licensing Maintenance Agreement

Regular Business 01:04:10

Request to Purchase Portable Radios - Fire Department

Regular Business 01:10:30

Request to Award Bid – Fire Station 1 Sidewalk Repair Project

Regular Business 01:15:47

Request to Support Charter Township of Independence Position Statement

Communications 01:18:33

Adjournment 01:21:15

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